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What is Darvon?

Darvon is an opioid analgesic that is also available under its generic name dextropropoxyphene and is useful in treating mild and moderate pain as well as used as a cough suppressant. This group of drugs known as narcotics can be addictive or habit forming when misused. People should read the related details about this drug when they buy Darvon online for treating pain effectively and as a remedy for cough.

Details of Prescription:

Although Propoxyphene is effective in treating pain but it should not be used if you have history of suicidal actions or thoughts. It should not be taken along with any sedatives like Valium, Xanax etc. Its use with antidepressant is also not recommended.

This drug can easily pass on to the unborn or the newly born babies who are completely dependent on their mothers so when the mothers use this drug it can get into the babies via body fluids or breast milk thus affecting their health and causing withdrawal symptoms in the growth years.

Do not take this drug along with a large quantity of alcohol. It is important to know that this drug is habit forming and should not be used by the people who have history of drug abuse or addiction.

Effects of Use:

When you buy Darvon online and begin taking it you might notice some common side effects of use like headaches, blurred vision, skin rashes, nausea, stomach aches etc. which might fade away in a while.

This drug can also show signs of allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing,  swelling in the face, tongue or throat. Other serious side effects include slow heartbeats, shallow breathing, feeling of light headedness, jaundice symptoms like yellowing of skin or eyes, seizures, unusual thoughts or hallucinations due to a development of Serotonin syndrome with mood swings, agitation, confusion, high fever, etc.

Store this drug away from the reach of pets or children who might consume it accidentally and may increase the risks of life threatening health hazards in them, never share your medication with anyone else who might use it for drug abuse purposes.

Dosage Info:

When you buy Darvon online with overnight delivery, you are provided with a leaflet within the package which you must read and follow as per the directions for a healthy and safe use of tis drug with lesser side effects.

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