• Q. Why do we sell medicines at the lowest cost?

    We have maintained the lowest price of the drugs because we do not have spent more money on marketing, banners, and advertisements. We maintain a direct contact with customers, I have more old customers. All the good drugs are manufactured in our certified and well-equipped labs and hence we keep our prices very very low.

  • Q. Will the order transported to a USA location have a good quality?

  • Q. Are your drugs safe or they may have side effects?

    Our drugs are 100% safe and they do not have any type of side effects because of its new stock. We are FDA approved medicines supplier in USA, You can make assured to get only genuine medicines at affordable price.

  • Q. How are the orders shipped?

    All orders will be shipped by FedEx Overnight in the USA within 4 hours, after being verified by our sales executive over the phone or by email, then you will get your order next day afternoon, after shipment we will call you or email you, we provide you packet number and FedEx tracking number, then you can track your order. We have also FedEx overnight Service same day delivery its extra charges and We use also USPS service to deliver your order to PO Box address within 4 days, you will get medicine.

  • Q. Should I attach a prescription to buy medicine yes or no?

    we dont need doctor prescreption,we have my own doctor,those will write prescreption free of charge,then we ship legally ship medicine in usa.

  • Q. Can shipping information be changed?

    Yes, you can change the shipping information but only when the shipping status is pending means now it's not shipped your order, if its ship you cant change your shipping information.